Gemma works out of ‘Ingledale Therapy Centre’, a local and renowned multidisciplinary clinic in Oxted, ‘Manor Clinic’ in Sevenoaks and ‘Old Post’ in Nutfield.

Home visits

Should you prefer, Gemma is also able to come and see you in the comfort of your own home. Price on enquiry distance depending.


“Although I’d been through three pregnancies, it wasn’t until after the birth of my third baby that I heard of the Mummy MOT. Out of curiosity, I went to Gemma and was amazed by her expertise and depth of knowledge. By making me more aware of my body and giving me exercises that easily fit into my daily life, as well as general well-being advice, I was confident of returning to my pre-pregnancy activities in a safe and happy way. I think her help would have been particularly beneficial after my Cesarean when I found the advice I received from the hospital very limited. Gemma’s skill and gentle manner encouraged me to discuss issues that we usually shy away from talking about. I would recommend a Mummy MOT to everyone – I only wish I’d heard about it sooner!”


Old Post

19 High Street, Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 4HH


Manor Clinic

165 High Street, Sevenoaks, TN13 1XJ

Manor Clinic


Masters House, Guildford Road, Westcott, RH4 3NG

Masters House

Prices & Bookings

Old Post

Mummy MOT-£110 (60 min)
Women’s Health Initial Consultation – £110 (60 min)
Women’s Health Follow-up Treatment – £65 (30 min)
Women’s Health Follow-up Treatment – £80 (45 min)

To book an appointment at Old Post contact Gemma directly here or call 07773 716 505

For appointments with Gemma at either Manor clinic or Corephysio please contact the clinic directly.

Prices may vary between clinics.

Mummy MOT
The Mummy MOT is a post natal screen and treatment consultation created for women who are concerned with or want to optimise their recovery following birth. It is designed to pick up any problems associated with pelvic floor, muscle, joint and tummy gap issues which have occurred as a result of pregnancy or the birth process itself. The Mummy MOT is ideal for any woman regardless of the type of delivery she had i.e vaginal or caesarian.

The MOT includes detailed questions about your pregnancy, any pre-existing conditions and your delivery, (including any complications). An internal pelvic floor assessment, tummy gap check and thorough postural and biomechanical (how your body moves) screen will then be carried out. Movement, core strength and breathing are assessed and advised on. All findings will be given to you at the end of the session, together with a tailored plan of action and exercise plan to achieve optimum recovery.

The MOT can be of benefit regardless of the length of time that has passed since your baby was born. It can help with the diagnosis and recovery of almost all post natal issues and is designed to fit the individual needs of your specific concerns. Just because symptoms may be common and expected does not make it normal.

If you are worried about any pain, issues with scarring, bladder or bowel control, fear of, or pain during intercourse or simply feel that your recovery is not happening as quickly as you would like then the Mummy MOT will identify issues, give you an action plan to aide recovery and provide the peace of mind and reassurance that there is a solution.

Women's Health Initial Consultation
An hour long assessment and bespoke treatment to address the specific needs of any issues relating to pelvic pain, pregnancy related pain, urogynaecolgical conditions (including prolapse, incontinence, constipation) or post surgical rehabilitation (gynae and breast), endometriosis and sexual dysfunction. Your individual needs and concerns will be addressed in a professional manner and assessed and treated as necessary.
Women's Health Follow-up Treatment
Depending on time required either a 30 min or 45 min follow up appointment may be needed. Treatments may involve manual therapy (internal and external), trigger point release techniques, Scar tissue release, myofascial and soft tissue massage, visceral release, bespoke exercise programmes, pelvic floor re-training, acupuncture and postural re-education.